Does keeping up with postal regulations and rates have you exhausted? Questioning if you’re qualified for any discount postage prices?  What if you didn’t remember something vital like obtaining design approval or getting a postal permit? Graflix saves you the trouble and time with our affordable and comprehensive direct mailing services. Get yourself out from under the mailing burden and call Graflix today. We free up your time by acting as an extension of your internal team.

We are totally-equipped with all things needed to manage your mailing needs, including mail processing software and hardware, tabbers, high-speed inserters/folders, postage meters and ink-jet addressing systems.

Direct mail is a great way to increase your exposure and find new customers. Now, you can manage and plan your mailing campaigns with ease, using a one-stop mail service that does it all for you.

Run Your Next Mail Campaign With:

✓ Bar Coding
✓ Address Verification
✓ Direct Addressing
✓ Collating
✓ Every Door Direct Mail
✓ Fulfillment and Inventory
✓ Mailing List Purchase
✓ List Management
✓ Tabbing
​✓ Sealing and Pre-sorting
✓ ​Postal Discounts

Putting all the Pieces Together!

We’re your one-stop source for mailing services. From copywriting to mailer design, printing, list fulfillment, right to the mailing of your campaign – Graflix has you covered. Let us make your campaign a success.

We can do that!

  • basic “insert and mail” projects
  • customized color production
  • personalized mailers
  • custom URLs
  • QR Codes

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Before you select a direct mail provider, here are some questions you need to be asking yourself in order to correctly identify the right direction for your next step:

  • What is the goal of my mail campaign?
  • Do I have a particular group or a specific geographical area I want to target?
  • My focus on a particular group of prospects, do I have a list ready?
  • Do I need to get a new list?
  • Which marketing products do I want to send out as a mailer?
  • When do I want my campaign to be mailed?

Offline or online, we deliver your mail and print marketing messages to engage your customers. We are experts at generating and delivering mail communications and have a team devoted to every part of design and delivery.

With our comprehensive mailing services including presort and commingled mail services, we take all the headaches out of mailing. That’s just part of the process. We’ll help you find out how well your campaigns are working and collect data on how your customers find out about you. Custom URLs, QR Codes, and other methods that track how well your mailings perform lets you find the messages that resonate better with your prospects and convert them into customers.

Graflix has many years of experience to help you be a marketing hero.