Brand Identity: It’s the Start of the Journey

Starting a new venture? Bringing an existing one into a new phase? Need a new look to meet the future? Graflix has you covered.

Brand development is vital to gaining recognition and finding new customers. It’s more than just logos; it’s color palettes, fonts, design elements and taglines. We’ve done it over and over so we’ve learned a lot of tricks to help you do it with ease. It’s all about connecting what people see to what your company is all about. We’ll help you bring it all together so you can tell your story with real impact.

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Logos, Logos Everywhere

Whether you’re starting from scratch with a new logo, already know what you want and need it finalized, or are just refreshing and existing brand, Graflix will help you launch a new look in style.

Here’s a small sampling of some logos we’ve designed for our clients: