In The Words of CEO and President Ben Nosek

​After seven years in the financial services industry, I needed a change. I enrolled at Gibbs College, earning Associates Degrees in both Graphic Design and Digital Media Production. After graduating, I found myself back in finance, but this time as a graphic designer. From there I went on to work in the printing, mailing and technology industries. Flexibility was ultimately the driving motivator for me to leave my corporate job and venture out on my own as a freelance graphic designer. At the time, my son was 6 months old and my wife was returning to work in a demanding occupation. I needed more flexibility in my schedule. Three years later I am still running my own business offering design, print, mail, promotional items, apparel (silkscreen / embroidery) and video services. It’s been an excitingly nerve racking experience, but one I wouldn’t change.

Who Do We Serve

  • Government Agencies
  • Service Companies
  • Start-ups
  • Volunteer Organizations

Our Process For a Successful Future

There are always hiccups as a business owner, but I’ve turned them into learning experiences and have emerged stronger on the other side, armed with more knowledge to conquer similar situations that may arise.

Saying yes to every project that came my way often ended in frustration if the scope of the project was a mismatch between the project and where Graflix adds the most value. Sometimes, those areas of value include some of our partnerships. Over the years I have built relationships with vendors and other creative professionals who can extend what services Graflix offers. Creating partners in the industry has been a great way to bring better value to my clients.

Setting Us Apart From The Crowd

Graflix is a creative solutions company located just outside of Boston, MA. At Graflix, I create compelling graphical solutions for both print and video, customized for companies of all sizes. We handle all aspects of your project, from initial ideas and concepts to project completion and final distribution. Graflix can help promote your business with an online commercial, direct mail campaign, marketing materials, promotional items or apparel (screen print or embroidery).